Species Eevee → Jolteon
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Home Floccesy Town (with Darien and Vicky)
Unknown (with Leonard)
Unspecified forest (with his family)
Relations Naiad (father)
Duchess (mother)
Alseides, Vapor, Moondancer, Konoha, Yuki (brothers)
Lucretia, Sylvia (sisters)
Fuyuko (wife)
Merle, Eden (daughters)



Relationships with other charactersEdit


Fun factsEdit

  • Bolt is the only character who appears or is mentioned in all but one chapter of Sylvia the Sylveon.
  • Bolt is the first character to be referred to by name in dialogue in Sylvia the Sylveon.
  • Bolt is one of few characters in Sylvia the Sylveon with a mono-syllabic name, a distinction he shares with his child, Merle.
  • Bolt's nature is Naughty.
  • Bolt is the first member of the family to be caught by an actual trainer.